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We no longer source for a external printer to do these t-shirts and other fun stuff for us as we've come to realise the difficulties of trying to secure a minimum quota, the right kind of t-shirts and the print quality. We have since decided to release everything via and let them do all the work!

Point to note, somethings don't ever change like:

  • We do not make any profit from this. We set the sale amount just enough for the t-shirt to go into production.
  • Teespring charges in USD, please bare in mind the International shipping cost if you are shipping to anywhere other then the USA.
  • You can always request for a re-run when the initial run ends. Just drop a message here, on Facebook or the E-Mail that no one ever checks.
I'll be looking to release more cool stuff on Teespring soon, maybe not TXL related but maybe FGC related so as to appeal to a wider audience haha... Maybe then I'll charge more.