Monday, April 21, 2014

Vashion Vips from the Vice Capt TWO - Chanel with an extra "N"

“There is a time for work, and a time for love. That leaves no other time.”

- Coco Chanel

Something's been bothering me for the longest time. I've watched it, seen it grow out of nothing. A once elegant pair of Chanel earrings, so sparkling it blinds, so elegant it commands respect, place in the hands of the perfect woman, the perfect beauty, now, worn by every trendy Toa Payoh Ah Lian with a Sports Car Boyfriend in arm. A reminisce of that once familiar era in the 90s, where top Fashion brands like Valentino, MCM and Versace, were massacred by the Zha Fit Yans of Cineleisure and AMK Jubilee.

Those earrings were actually nice, they would make a great gift for my lovely wife on our wedding anniversary.

And then it came to pass, that the Chanel necklace is now the most sought-after Fashion accessory of every girl. It don't matter if you are Skeleton King or fat, Abigail Ugly or Goddess, Ba Ge or scrawny, EVERY GIRL must have A Chanel NECKLACE. Even though that necklace is so fucking ugly. It is so fucking ugly because that chain is too thick and it doesn't shine, the pendant looks boxy and stiff and is similar to a pendant I'd buy for my beloved dog's collar. Yet every girl must have it,must wear it. Even if they know nothing about Chanel, even if they own nothing else by Chanel, they'll wear that Chanel necklace proud, with their Levi's Jeans and Kate Spade bag. Nope, no wrong here, nothing wrong at all.

Look all that aside, the bottom line is, you look silly. If you can't pull it off, don't force it. There are tons of luxury goods out that that'll flatter you. I'm not one for jewelry, neither do I claim to know a lot about Chanel as a brand, but at least I know what over-saturation is. What is this... Some kind of Primary 4 level Moral Education on Peer Pressure? You see your friends wearing one, you also must go out and buy one?

Just because you can afford luxury goods, doesn't mean you should wear them.