Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vashion Vips from the Vice Capt.


Adding on to my irregularly regular Vise Vords column, I have now decided to launch a side column on my views of dressing up, fashion, styles and whatnots... I don't claim to be a Fashion Guru but am particularly fussy with the sort of clothes I wear. After all, it's the man that makes the clothes and you should always wear what suits your body.

Today I will be touching on...


Now there are a variety of prints commonly seen on clothes... Just to name a few... Cammo prints... Floral prints... Checks... Animal skins... Polka Dots... Stars... Stripes... Amongst many others... And there's usually a season for them... Or a particular time whereby a certain print becomes "In Fashion"... Discard that, never believe trends.

Back on the topic of prints, I am rarely seen with more than one print on my body, as a matter of fact, I avoid wearing multiple prints on my body. What I mean by multiple prints is say for example, you are wearing a floral print baseball cap (These seem to be trending at the moment which I find very ugly), a checkered shirt and cammo pants... To top it off, you're wearing shiny shoes... That to me... Is a major disaster, unless you are a walking advertisement for Spotlight, in which case, you have now become an interactive visual for curtains and table cloths.

What you wanna do with prints is to show people your ability to pick out a particularly outstanding print right? Or your ability to pull off a look in a certain print... Therefore, always try to narrow the focal point of such a product. Say for example you've got this awesome leopard print jacket... Don't go choking up your style with bright pink shirts and fancy pants... Keep them basic in subtle colours (Earth colours, basics and the indigo colour way... Never fails) so your stunning leopard print jacket becomes the only thing a person can see. Remember, a person probably has only a 2 second time frame to check you out while walking on the streets before generally turning his or her attention to something else.

I'd love to go into greater detail on prints but well, they all come from my head... I don't exactly have a book on these nor do I compile and archive my thoughts. So here are some general tips in no particular order.

1. Check your skin colour.
2. When dealing with Polk Dots, avoid really REALLY huge ass cookie-like Polka Dots.
3. Avoid Cammo prints that have no class, like they came straight from a factory in Sri Lanka.
4. I do not like Hawaiian shirts, who came up with those.
5. Real classic tip - Horizontal stripes will make you look fat, vertical stripes will make you look tall. Play this to your advantage.
6. Repeated patterns of heart shapes and love motifs is not a print for clothing, they are better off as packaging designs for condoms and sex toys.
7. Tie-dye is quite awesome but very hard to pull off! Proceed with caution!
8. I don't know about Tribal motifs... It's not 1997 anymore...
9. The classic LV monogram never goes out of style.
10. Never be afraid to ask someone whom you feel has a superior sense of style for his or her opinion if a particular print looks good on you. Not asking here, is the real crime.


That's it for now. I'd love to continue... Maybe next time... On the subject of Jeans... Shoes... Perhaps you have a fashion-related question you might want to ask? I'd be glad to offer my opinion.

I don't think I'll be attaching pictures to these columns for I feel if you are unable to visualise what I am writing, then it is probably no use after all.

With ❤,

Vice Capt.