Sunday, June 30, 2013

SEMEN 2013 - Not So Lucky After All In Chinatown

Always have nothing but love for BlazBlue dogs.

Before I restart my kiss and tell blog entries about the FGC, let's fast forward a little to last weekend... It was South East Asia Major 2013.

Had no plans to show up until I was texted 3 months before the event by our very own Local Battles Gackt, to come support him... How could I say no... So well, the rest as you say is history, YD did ask me to help out on the mic and stuff and having not done any of this for so long, naturally I was worried, but agreed anyway.

This year there were so many international players to meet. Justin Wong, Mike Ross, Tokido, Kazunoko, Itabashi, Yubiken, GamerBee, the TW FGC, HumanBomb, Thailand FGC, Vietnam... Malaysia... Australia... My God I think I probably missed out a name or two but well yes, there were that many people... In the midst of running here and there, I do regret not having any time to speak with these people individually or even take pictures...

But well, it's not the first time running tournaments for me... Although I did not actually RAN this Major.. Just helping out with brackets and covering as emcee and stream commentator took a huge chunk out of me.

I really need to give shoutouts to Elfin, Paul and people like Sharkface... Curren... Who have been running these brackets for the longest time. Now I, have never done such work, I've only asked what comes next, I don't actually officiate matches... So when I was thrown a 8 man? 12 man? I forgot how many people were in a bracket but it was a relatively small bracket... I was like a fish outta water.

I cannot imagine how Elfin and gang ran that 67 man bracket on paper at BMS 2010. Mad props to them...

Played a game with Karipaku from Yubiken. Probably, the best female player in the world right now. Please vector in the character she plays and the sort of understanding and intelligence that has to come from playing such a character.

Day 1 afterwards had a good beer with Yubiken, Itazan and Kazunoko... Then we headed back to TC where I played a couple of games against Kichijojiken. He's an awesome dood that guy is... And his tech with Ken is insane. All that front throw/back throw setups and how he just instinctively catches my button pressing like it was 2009 all over again, I was so overwhelmed.

Day 2 ended at Razer HQ, the after party, 5v5 and Money Matches. Listen kids, never run a tournament when you have to make announcements for teams and such without a microphone. Busted my throat, it got infected, and winded up in bed with a up and down fever.

The Vice Capt. here with Yubiken's Super Santarouman and Kichijojiken at the Razer HQ for the after party.

Best moment of that night? I love it. Super Santarouman vs Tommy, money match, biggest pot in the history of pots. $600 on the line, mind you this is Singapore, we do not play $600 money matches EVER. The side bets and stacks were off the charts with lots of the locals taking out that cash for Tommy because they knew he was very comfortable with the Sagat matchup. The Taiwanese all took out 'em big bucks for San Tai... I remember Ren just giving me his $100 bill... I couldn't take it... It was mad, mad fun.

Who the fuck does reaction punish Tiger Destruction against a Kikoken. TWICE. Who looks out for these kind of things? - Yubiken Super Santarouman does. And that is why he is the best.