Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Nineteen Propositions

The country is founded on the principles of "If I did not see, I do not do." "Grace" is a word like a piece of paper you use to wipe your backside after you shit. The old are oblivious to life and abuse their rights, that weren't God-given, and expect respect to be given via mutual understanding of the social definition of "seniority". The young are oblivious to life and behave stupider than they can possibly be taught via the schools they are attending. When I give way, it is expected of me, when I do not, I am labeled "rude". We are saving the world from people who constantly want to die in it. We are in love with people who hate illogically. Your friends are out to harm you all the time. Everyone is terribly misled, everything is terribly misinterpreted.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Perfume - 24.11.2012

Perfume Live in Singapore 24.11.2012 
Photo courtesy of Amos Wong for Universal Music

And all that build up and hype ended last night after we got on the bus back home. From the time we queued overnight, to me getting ready via merchandises at AFA to finding out our VIP tickets were skyrocketing to 60,000 Yen on Yahoo! Auction, Perfume played their first live in Singapore at *SCAPE, which was over as quickly as it began, though it was almost a two and a half hour show, still, too soon.

The gig was streamed live to cinemas all across Japan!

I was up for it from the get-go as seeing them live really blew my mind... The lights, lasers and revolving screens... Absolutely amazing. Mad stoked when they played "コンピューターシティ", an old song from their earlier releases I wasn't sure they still performed live and they almost killed me when they performed "FAKE IT" into "ねぇ", high jumps the equivalent of slam dunks and dancing all around. 

"edge (⊿-mix)" was my favourite performance of the night.

"チョコレイト・ディスコ" was self-explanatory.

Perfume closed the encore with "MY COLOR" and all of us danced one last time in unison, it was beautiful.

And just as we left, flyers were handed out to us annoucing that Perfume's Official Fanclub will soon be open to the World!

Coupled with the wonderful merchandise I got (Bag + Tour T-shirt) and the results from earlier in the day in class, I had an awesome Saturday.


02. コンピューターシティ
03. エレクトロ・ワールド
04. レーザービーム
05. Spending all my time
06. love the world
07. edge
08. シークレットシークレット
09. Dream Fighter
11. ねぇ
12. チョコレイト・ディスコ(2012-mix)
13. ポリリズム
14. Spring Of Life
15. 心のスポーツ

*P.S - Big shoutouts to Sidney Lock for the Setlist.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Vice Capt.'s Top 10 YUI Songs

YUI is one of the earliest J-Pop artists I started enjoying after watching タイヨウのうた (Midnight Sun) in the cinemas. She was the lead actress and also provided songs, "Skyline", "It's Happy Line" and "Good-bye Days" to the film.

I fell in love with her ability as a Songwriter and the honesty in her music. YUI made me feel really blessed to be able to play the guitar and not take that skill for granted.

Though the years have passed and I started listening to more and more kinds of music, YUI still remains a musician I respect and her songs are still very much cherished.

2. Summer Song (HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN - Album)
3. Gloria (HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN - Album)
4. Shake My Heart (HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN - Album)
5. Tomorrow's way (FROM ME TO YOU - Album)
7. Good-bye Days (CAN'T BUY MY LOVE- Album)
8. HELP (Tokyo - Single)
9. Skyline (Good-bye Days - Single)


If you absolutely have to listen to something, here's one to turn you on.

Please support YUI and other artists and bands you love. Buy their CDs, merchandise, go for their gigs, keep music real, keep music alive.

Monday, November 12, 2012

AFA 2012 - In 500 Words or Less.

I just got back from the once a year Anime Festival Asia and boy did I have a good time.

The thing that amazes me the most is how they're packing more and more content into this event that started out like a Supermarket Toy Fair. There is some real passion in wanting to export Japanese culture to the rest of Asia and then the World.

The bulk of Anime products and toys didn't take much of my money away but rather I gave them all to Perfume and SCANDAL merchandises. It blew my mind seriously... Official tour merchandise! I have always been the biggest sucker for that.

QUEENS ARE TRUMPS Tour Poster for $25!

Down at the Sony Music booth where the SCANDAL stuff was at, some intense mind-reading was going on as I thought the salesgirl was Japanese from her mannerism  (Two-handed card presentation, bowing, smiling and not speaking...) just as she somehow had the impression I was Japanese too. So both slightly confused, I spoke to her in what I believed was her native tongue but she only mustered a "Ehhhhh Nooo..." (And goes on to make this "panic" face) which led to the next exciting part of my adventure...

WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT EVERY SINGLE DBS ATM AROUND THE EXPO WAS DOWN. Yes it was. I ended up walking towards the Industrial offices to withdraw cash, then getting back to the venue, in the beautiful sun.

But alls well anyway, got back and bought myself QUEENS ARE TRUMPS tour t-shirt+towel and a SCANDAL Photobook. It was then that I realise, the salesgirl spoke fluent english and was 100% Singaporean. Good job!

The mini Perfume booth!

There was a mini Perfume exhibition where they had this Hologram box... It was amazing... The counter staff was very friendly and showed me around. I got some Perfume tour merchandise as well off the JPN tour which entitled me to a Lucky Draw to win a ticket to the concert on the 24th. (You must read about this later.)

Then all the magic moments started. Kenn tipped me off that they had the EVA Kuji going on at BonJapan and what do you know, the guy running the Kuji happens to be someone who knows both E.Tan and I. He started making small talk with me as I got my tickets. 2 tickets down and I wasn't getting anywhere close to the top prizes where all of a sudden I pulled out an A Prize ticket and won the Ayanami Rei figure, WHICH I ALREADY HAVE. Onlookers expressed their happiness for me by congratulating me... So nice of them! E.Tan's friend wanted to buy it off me for 1 ticket but the price was too low... So he pulled this guy from no where who really wanted the figure. We asked him to name a price and he came up with $60. I pushed him for $75 by telling him I want to buy 5 more tickets. In the end, we got it down to $70 which was all great because Krystal and DK ended up drawing the Asuka and Mari figures for me! The rest of the tickets didn't matter by then and we were all happy walking away with our EVA loot!

Big wins at EVA Kuji!

And it felt so good because you know the both of you were die-hard EVA fans (I could tell from his Radio EVA products) and were trading off and not out to harm either party... Ahh the love and peace was becoming overwhelming!

The last event of the day would be the Lucky Draw for the Perfume concert tickets. Only 5 tickets were given out. By the time I got in line, 3 tickets were already gone! When it came to my turn, there was only 1 left! Obviously I didn't win it but that was when a Perfume fan told me about the amazing price the tickets were going for on Yahoo! Auction. Unbelievable... 1K+ for VIP tickets depending on how good your serial number is... And general tickets were starting at $800 onwards... Straight away we mad rush to the merchandise booth again and bought the Perfume shopping bag which was the cheapest item that entitled you to the Lucky Draw. We were all plotting and waiting for more people to miss their chance before we bought our ticket! It was so funny! In the end, all of us missed and this kid won it and gave it to his friend who spent like god knows how much on tickets for the draw... Haha...

Here's a nice little shot of May'n

I love every bit of AFA this year. It was amazing to me and I had so much fun. Just meeting and talking to people, laughing with them and all... Bonding through common interest despite us being total strangers was truly heartwarming and made me so happy, honest to God.

Until next year!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Episode 14 - わたしは

After a 2 month vacation, we headed into Semester 2 very much prepared for the worst. The Another of Semester 2 was revealed midway through the term but the resilience of us, veterans of the calamity, calmed the storm and successfully send the dead back to death, again.

We approached the new Semester, Semester 3, with enthusiasm, this time taking no breaks at all, but the unbecoming awaited us, at the first ring of the bell. The New Another wasted no time and announced dutifully, like issuing an open challenge, that he was indeed the dead, and if we have what it takes, we are welcome to try and send him back. 

It gets worst.

Having barely come to terms with the rise of the New Another, this term, the Another comes in Twos.

The phenomenon only intensifies with each new Semester. Time is running out. With each passing minute, they threaten to harm the beloved 嵐姉妹 with their roller chairs side by side.

There is no God.



Head of Counter-Measures

Class C

Monday, September 17, 2012

Vice Vords from the Vice Capt. - Eighteen Chefs

I am the best

Commentary isn't for everyone. Coming on Stream and speaking or being on stage facing hundreds of people, it's really hard to keep yourself entertaining, informative and charismatic all at the same time. My advice as always, same on point and be yourself.


It was 2009, you are allowed to not look like what you are now

I never started out wanting to do commentary. In my humble beginnings entering the FGC, I was what you would call, a Lurker, standing behind, watching the players play and slowly picking up the game at lesser known arcades. I was keen on becoming a great player and trained really hard. I slowly integrated into the scene by getting to know some wonderful people who shared my interest in American comics, Japanese culture like Fashion, Anime/Manga as well as some random Doods who just gelled with me like Chemistry (Teamchemist)

It was only at the first-ever Round1.sg Chalet back in... '09? That I stood behind what I believe was Spore having an MvC2 match with Berwyn and started throwing out random shouts and jeers. Somewhere in that crowd, somebody told me,

"You should definitely try doing commentary."

I got my first big break when VIN-TEH-GEE SOUL organized the first Beginner's tournament. That was what... my first real show, coincidentally, that was also the first time I ever shared the mic with Vx, of which we would later go on to create this place known as Team Xialan. 

(You kids have it lucky coming in and making your debuts on bigger shows!)

I was nervous as hell. My jaws were chattering, you couldn't see it because the Arcade was and still is, too dark.

Vx and I would go on to do many a great things

Moving on, I've gone from strength to strength, always improving myself and doing better at every show. I became a staple voice in an FGC event that provided both high-level gameplay (From the best players in the business in Singapore) equipped with electrifying commentary from myself, often paired with Vx, my number 1 commentary partner of choice, or various folks in the scene. I have also gone solo (In recent times) and have no qualms about it.

Since coming full circle and doing this for close to almost 3 years, I definitely have much to share with you, if you're aspiring to take the mic and take on a gig.


Never let your friends down

You can't do commentary if you don't know what you're talking about. Only Vx and I can do something like that. But I definitely did my time by studying Frame Data, remembering move names, player names and matches from various tournaments that help to highlight my commentary when the space in between matches call for a little dialogue. 

To a person who knows nothing about the game, he or she would probably just get excited when a player links his or her Ultra. It is your job to provide the viewer the theories of HOW and WHY the player sets up his or her moves. It adds dimension to the commentary. 

One of the reasons why people like VIN-TEH-GEE SOUL, Xian and Gellon are such great commentators despite not often doing shows is that they have so much knowledge on the game they're talking about, it feels as though you're at the coffee shop with them having coffee.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing commentary with the likes of VIN-TEH-GEE SOUL  and Xian.



Much like how a player reviews his game after a tournament to see what he can improve on and do better, I too, do the same. I re-watch matches that feature my commentary and always take mental notes as to what I can improve or what I shouldn't say. How I could phrase things better... Stuff like that.

I actually take the time to go on Youtube and watch videos of great Frontmen in bands (Phil Anselmo/Pantera) give interviews or speechs, watch Wrestling promos (The Rock is a favourite and big inspiration when it comes to this for both Vx and I) to learn from them.


Your opinion does not matter unless you are somebody in this scene. Or else, people won't take your word for it. If you're starting out, try to leave out personal opinions and just concentrate on watching the match and telling the viewer what is going on on screen. 

Entertainment Value

Sliding a random picture in here because it's inappropriate

People like colourful commentary filled with bashing and jokes, but not everybody is ready for it as I've learned over the years. The people from the scene may be used to the style of commentary you produce but not the general folks who do not understand the culture or the nature of the game. Some people don't realise, they're not very humourous by nature and yet try to be funny on Stream. That often turns out bad. It's ok to not entertain your crowd, it is more important to fulfill your role as a commentator, watching and reporting on the match, then to be a clown. Unless you are like Vx or I, we do great at mashing the both. That's only because we have a great sense of humour and welcome people taking the shit out on us, as we do to them.


Circa AFA '10

Commentary isn't for everyone and if it's just not your thing, then it really isn't. If you want to get better, take into account all the tips I have written down as they come from personal experiences and mistakes. Knowledge is very important, study your subject. 

It works for me because I used to have a fear of speaking in public or to crowds but like the Batman, I use the commentary shows to overcome my stage fright and now I totally embrace it. I enjoy it.

TGX '11 - This still live vividly in my memories

It's not to say I don't get nervous at all, I still do, not on Stream at least, but being infront of people. The biggest stage I ever stood upon was at TGX '11, for the AE Grand Finals and if you had seen me at that show, I spent the first 20 minutes pacing around the stage, totally unapproachable. In my mind, I could only think of my opening speech, my closing speech, my lines, what lines I could use, are the people ready for me, will I sound too loud, will I sound too boring, will I entertain them... There was simply too much going on in my head.

The entire thing lasted what... half an hour? 40 minutes? But as I recall doing it, it felt like 5 minutes to me. My mind was blank and I was just going at it. When I got off stage I remembered someone telling me it was great but I wasn't convinced. I even went up to Jasper to ask him if I did ok and he reassured me it was perfect. 

Because I look good here

What I'm trying to say is, I may seem obnoxious and full of confidence when I'm doing these things and it may seem like I'm just speaking my mind and going really natural but it comes from lots and lots of hard work and practise. 

Without sounding too xialan, I would like to just close it by saying, you don't get to where I am by doing what you do. You work hard, you earn the respect of your peers and in return, you earn the right to stand before them. You're not doing anything for yourself, or to prove this to anyone who watches you, you are providing a service to the people, first and foremost, and if you think you are coming in here for the glory and to show the world "Hey I'm a made man." chances are, you're not going to stay alive in this scene.

With ♥,
Vice Capt.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Mirror from Arab Street

There once was a mirror that was said to reveal the truth about anyone who stood before it. Many were skeptical about it's supposed powers, yet many were afraid to look it dead on ahead. Perhaps they were uneasy about confronting truths within themselves, then suddenly feeling naked, perhaps perhaps... It was a very human notion and nothing too surprising.

So on and on the mirror stood in the shop, rust and dusting until one day, the old courier put a cloth over it as he closed the shop. Just then, a curious little girl who was a peasant with no money, came by and said to the old man.

"I've admired that mirror for the longest time! I know what it is said to be able to do! I don't really believe it, do you?"

The courier stared blankly at her young, innocent eyes, as if looking for a sign, an answer... He started mumbling, as though chanting, before opening up his voice, he said...

"I don't know what you're talking about. But you can have this mirror for 99 dollars, son."

The old man took the long flight of stairs up the attic where I presumed was his bed leaving the little girl to her own devices, before the famed mirror.

5 years later, she turned 22 and got married.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some Saturday That Was...

Saturday was a blessed day with some serious looting on the EVA Ichiban Kuji.

By the time Kenn had got there, the top prizes were all gone... all but one was left, Ayanami Rei, sitting tall, only one. I had 45 minutes remaining from class, I had given up on studying by then.

19 tickets were left, I told Kenn to buy up 9 and I'll come down and buy up the remaining 10, but the outcome was even better than planned.

Krystal with the pick, Kenn tore it open, and with just one ticket, one shot, they had won the A Prize! - Ayanami Rei!

And with that, it sealed my fate. I was destined to own it, and destine to be their bitch, for a long time coming. Still, I am eternally grateful.

After picking up the A Prize, I went back to buy up 3 more tickets, which became 2 more, then became 1 more, and won myself both the Handphone ornaments and some of the @School Collection petit figures (Featuring Maya, Rei, Mari and Kwaoru - Of which, Kwaoru I gave away to a cute little stingy woman.) 

It was euphoric. We even got the shop owners saying, "Just buy only" on top of the constant pressure from my friends. 

Kujis are mad fun.

I would also like to thank Khairi for organizing a BlazBlue tournament on this day to house all the BB Dogs far away from the Kuji. I believe it was instrumental to me getting the Ayanami Rei A Prize.



Gakky on the cover of this month's NYLON Japan! The love of my life.

Monday, September 3, 2012

If you was to pinpoint your sadness, you wouldn't even know where to find it, or what it looks like.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


What is wrong isn't what is gone it's what's not there anymore and why not that's bothering more. Had not the general concept of a schoolboy's idea of romance degenerated into an elongated shiteatinggrin you've got much to say son, about a great love, bought from genital lotion and apple-flavoured curry. "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you, you're so vain." Life doesn't even have a life itself.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Hate Every Beautiful Morning

I hate every beautiful morning that we spent wide awake and far apart. Walking streets meeting walking ghosts, walking broad day lights. With a whiff of your hair, that all familiar scent, I find myself repeating imagery and lines, as I am also repeating mistakes and suicide. I have not seen myself in quite awhile. I have been awfully fictitious to everyone, I am claiming originality. Every year, my wish is to redo the other. And at every lapse in time, nullifying your existence alters the presentation in its complete entity. I wish you a grave from which you may never rise upon, one laced with a big heavy stone atop, so you may never rise upon.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

P4U Tournament COMING SOON!

Hey dogging pals,

The good folks at Rebel2 are bringing to you THE FIRST EVER Persona 4 PRU 1v1 Tournament WITH A SUPER HUGE PRIZE POT the size no Otaku can afford (to miss).


Despite the star-studded veterans from the BlazBlue/Guilty Gear Singapore scene participating, Singapore's beloved son of FGC, DM|MCZ. XIAN will be PARTICIPATING AS WELL. HOW GOD-LIKE IS THAT.

But of course, no star-studded tournament is complete without the most humble commentary from TXL. Jonda, right? You bet my balls I'll be there to set stream monsters on fire.

Please go to the link at the bottom for more details, alternatively, you can PM/look for/hook up/have sex with Khairi aka Malay or Don, the man always wearing Batman t-shirts.

HEADS UP it is 1v1, best of 3, $20($12 day rate means games all DAY all NIGHT LONG LIKE MY DICK LONG + $8 pot)


50% of pot to 1st place + AWESOME Yukiko (The girl that use fan, I don't know how to spell) figure~!

30% of pot to 2nd place, and 10% of pot to 3rd, BUT WHY WOULD YOU NOT AIM FOR 1ST!!!???


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

禁術 Forbidden Techniques! - Ibuki Uncovered!


Ibuki is one of my favourite characters from the Street Fighter series, I mean, the concept of Ninja schoolgirl is an absolute hit for the likes of Otakus all over the world. Apparently, Ibuki was top tier in Second Impact, but dropped in Third Strike. Now fully updated for Super Street Fighter 4: AE 2012, Ibuki is what some might consider, mid-high tier with loads of gimmicks and setups to cheat even the strongest of players.

Since closing the book on my Ibuki days, I've decided to release a memoirs of sorts that I've previously gathered only in my brain. All my tricks, setups and knowledge that I've garnered through sheer grinding or from fellow community members, I share with you now, so you may never lose to another Ibuki again and go, "Si mi lan jiao gan tyco lor."


What you need to know is, most Ibuki players are shit on D. That means, they are shit on defense. They can't block their own setups, they can't block glaringly obvious crossups, they have no idea what your safe jump is and so on and so forth... What this means is:

1. Their Anti-Air reactions are actually quite good. Because some big combos come off their primary AA (B.MP), as well as that being the one weak spot most players will try to exploit. So jump in a few times to see how on point his/her reactions for AA is but don't go over.

2. When in panic, they will spam EX Kazegiri (EX Dragon Kick), because they have no manners and have absolutely no clue what your safe jump is. ALWAYS watch their meter the way you watch a Rufus player's meter. Learn the maximum punish for your character against the Kunai followup or without and deal it. Although here in Singapore, you can punish a thousand mistakes, they'll still fly up with that EX Kazegiri.

3. While shit on D, most Ibuki players are aggressive as well as random in their offense patterns which is key to being a strong Ibuki player. You'll find them coming at you with infinite block strings, command dash resets and random jumping. What this actually means is, they'll never throw you. They'll never throw you because they do not understand Vanilla 50/50 throw mixups and the logic behind Frame Traps. Every button they hit is strange and pure random. Do not give Ibuki too much credit unless you're up against Iyo, or you'll die a fatal death filled with riddles.

4. Shutting them down early when they have no meter is crucial. Even when they get one, punishing the whiff EX Kazegiri heavily will throw the match slightly towards your favour. Most Ibuki players are momentum-based players, take that away, and they've got nothing.


Kunai Setups

The legendary Kunai setups on knockdown that have been cheating people since 2008! Now traditionally, these setups are suppose to be done after an untechable knockdown thus making them "safe", with variations even being able to crossup. Never ask an Ibuki player how to see if the Kunai is a crossup, because chances are, even he or she does not know which direction it is going.

Rely on your sense of hearing for this. Ibuki's Super Jump comes with a "HIAAA~!!!" and her normal jump is silent. NORMALLY, Super Jumps will result in a crossup. 

It is important to recognize the distance in which you fall after a knockdown, how far away are you from your opponent, Ibuki. Only after a Neckbreaker knockdown is the position fixed (That is why this knockdown creates the most setups), other then that, off a sweep or off a Spinning Kicks, check to see how far away are you from Ibuki, THE FURTHER YOU ARE, THE HARDER IT IS TO CROSSUP KUNAI. For example, a knockdown created from a EX Spinning Kicks at mid-screen will put you so far out, however much Ibuki Super Jumps, it'll never cross you up.

But of course, sometimes the sound of her Super Jump may ALSO cheat you. Sometimes Ibuki might might Super Jump too late and is forced to throw the Kunai early. This results in a Kunai hitting infront and Ibuki landing behind. 


Oh and one last thing, that setup after forward throw? Where you see Ibuki taking a step back slightly, then short jumps into a Kunai? You can just backdash out of that.

There are character specific tricks to get out of Kunai setups i.e Viper's EX Seismo Feint into throw (I don't know if this still works). Find out what is yours, or if you even have one.


You need only remember that Ibuki's standing Light Punch is 3 Frames and has quite a good hitbox, watch out for that. Crouching Medium Punch has good active frames to bait out dashes and cancel from hit-confirms. Crouching Medium Kick lowers and pulls back hitbox to avoid Burning Kicks, Air Tatsus, Devil Reverses etc...


Ultra 1, Yoroitoshi, is a command grab Ultra with frames 1+(1) which means 1 Frame freezes for animation, 1 more frame before you get caught, THEREFORE, if you've not inputted anything, you can actually jump out of this unlike Zangief's which is 1+(0). 

Yoroitoshi guards Ibuki against Boxer's Turn Punch, Adon's Jaguar Kicks, Guy's safe jump after slide, Vega's Cosmic Heel and Dudley's Heavy and EX Machine Gun Blow all of which are free punishes on block. I'm pretty sure there's more but this is as much as I can remember.

Ultra 2, Hashinsho, the Super Jump cancelable Ultra for stylin' has frames 1+(8) and will go through projectiles. It is a relative fast Ultra with good reach. 

Hashinsho guards you against Ryu's sweep (Free punish on block), Juri's EX Pinwheel (Free punish on block) amongst many others...


There are variations to this. But the one most commonly seen would be after Neckbreaker knockdown, buffer B.MP, NORMAL or SUPER JUMP Light Kick for front and crossup respectively. Again, LISTEN TO THE SOUND. 

There is a setup whereby they buffer a ST.LK into either jump and is really hard to see, but seldom, Ibuki's know that setup.

Only Xian knows the setup after knockdown where he just twitches a little, jumps, and is horrible 50/50. It's the hardest to see, you can check with Xian for that setup.

You can't safe jump a 3 Frame Uppercut.

These safe jumps won't work against Sagat and Cammy because of their lan jiao wake up timing.

The safe jump after Neckbreaker for Sagat and Cammy is to buffer CR.MK instead, and jump MK, which is a frontal safe jump, pretty easy to see.


If you don't want to face Ibuki on your main, or rather, if your main is in a disadvantage against Ibuki, here are some characters you can counterpick with:

Bad for Ibuki - Zangief, Dictator, Boxer, Chun Li, Blanka (For lower level Ibuki Players). 

Good for Ibuki - ALL SHOTOS (Due to Unblockables), Cody, Gouken, Sakura, Makoto, Dudley.

5/5s for Ibuki - Adon, Ibuki, Cammy, C.Viper, Akuma, Gen, Fei Long, Rufus.


There is really no sure-fire way of getting consistent victories against Ibuki. Even the most seasoned of players who are confident of the matchup will drop games to Ibuki. Ibuki IS that sort of character.

But Ibuki being a mixup heavy/centric character, won't survive long sets. Always go for FT_10s onwards if you want to money match an Ibuki.

My parting words to you are, watch that meter, recognize which is Super Jump and which is normal from sound, read her patterns. Basic Vanilla fundamentals like throw mix-ups and frame traps will put Ibuki players into a state of hysteria. Ibuki only has 900HP, 3 big combos that is it.

Take away their momentum, they got nothing. Half the time they don't even know what they are doing, so don't bother trying to figure it out. Take away their momentum, watch their meter, take the game.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Vice Capt.'s Top 10 SCANDAL Songs

Back with another Top 10 list.

As you already know, SCANDAL is one of The Vice Capt.'s favourite bands and are also key perpetrators in extorting funds out of his already very slim bank account (Often leading one to proclaim loudly in madness, "JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY LA.") as I've previously wrote about in my tribute to the group.

So without further ado, here's my number 1 top 10 best hitz favourite (current) songs of SCANDAL! (I would tell you that I love all their songs and don't really have a number 1 and that it isn't in any order of favourism but obviously, the first few songs that come to mind are the ones that are most memorable.)

(Honestly, I love every single song... Making a Top Ten is really hard.)

1. 放課後1H (TEMPTATION BOX - Album)
2. Shining Sun (涙のリグレット - Single)
3. one piece (BABY ACTION - Album)
4. Pride (BABY ACTION - Album)
8. 少女S (BEST★SCANDAL - Album)
9. 会いたい (TEMPTATION BOX - Album)


BABY ACTION to me, was the best album of 2011... Minding you I listen to a lot, and I mean a lot, of music.

If you absolutely have to listen to something, here's one to turn you on.

Please support SCANDAL and other artists and bands you love. Buy their CDs, merchandise, go for their gigs, keep music real, keep music alive.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vice Vords from the Vice Capt. - Seventeen Seconds

Colleague A: Fuck la, just a black box, what culture... so "pan tang" for what... So "pan tang" don't buy Prada next time la. It's not as if I put a skull on the box or what.

Vice Capt. : Actually, if you put a skull on it... It'd be worth more money leh. Mastermind Japan ma...

With ♥,
Vice Capt.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vice Vords from the Vice Capt. - Sixteen Candles

When I first started working out, I was inspired by Katy Perry and the then Adidas campaign, the one where "Katy Is All In." I decked myself out in ONLY Adidas gear, because I'm brand conscious, call on a few good friends to guide me through the gym and teach me new exercises and I took it from there.

Looking back at my older pictures, I looked ghastly, like malnourished and on the verge of an icy death, pale and skinny. I don't claim to be Brock Lesnar now, but at least I don't look like I could be blown away by strong winds at any minute.

Working out is working out, it has paid off.

I know it took me a really long time, but 21 years later, I can finally do Pull-Ups. You do not know the amount of satisfaction one derives from a single, complete, Pull-Up, coming from the background of a Zero Fighter. It's quite possibly the third best feeling in the world, after ear-digging and orgasm during intercourse.

So I do not believe all these issues with fitness, too skinny, too heavy, too weak, is up to nature. It's a choice, you just have to make it, some are tougher than others, but you make the decision, stay focus, give yourself a routine, stick with it, discipline yourself, push yourself challenge yourself better yourself. Adidas is a great brand, for they speak the truth at all times, nothing is impossible. Impossible is nothing.

Better yourself.
Get the clothes that best suit your look, that best represents who you are. Get them fitted, ask a Seamstress.
Stay active. Work out, keep fit. an hour a day, 3 times a week. Work right, supplement your diet with shakes, ask a friend.
Put yourself out that, stay positive. All of the world's a stage, and it's people, your audience. Enthrall them.

With ♥,
Vice Capt.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If Jon win...

If Jon win...

The Vice Capt. got together with his mates from Teamchemist, however due to last minute prayers making Sexy Monk unable to participate, the Funan Digital Life Champion 2008, Rchan, took his place and we stormed through the brackets in the recent 5v5, facing the ever popular Saint Jan in the first round. 

Saint Jan is known to taunt people in arcades and when questions why, gives amazing reasons like, "Oh, sorry, I thought you are Alan." Saint Jan was also famous for sending Clinton a "Don't waste my time, Noob." type message on PSN... We are glad to have never lost to him, his brother and anybody naive enough to join their contingent, in all competitions. 

But it all went downhill after we reached the Winner's Finals and took a break for dinner. Something was amiss when I realised there were more Kuays roaming the top levels of Parklane then in the bowl of Curry Kuay I ordered. DA FENG too, was in for a shock, when he saw the $4.50 plate of Wanton Mee he ordered. We dare not imagine, what a $2.50 plate of Wanton Mee would look like. We had a miserable dinner.

Got back up to meet Leslie's team. DA FENG did us all a favour by taking out the Seth, which was gonna be the biggest problem for us, before dropping to a Ibuki. Human Centipede stepped up, in a match he should have won, but missed 2 vital Anti-Airs and ultimately lost the match. The rest of us... Just took it to the Loser's Bracket.

Down we were in the Loser's Brackets, facing off with DM. Xian's team, in the Loser's Finals. Tampines Daigo took out 3 of our men, leaving it up to Human Centipede and myself to somehow carry us back to the Grand Finals. And the Human Centipede most definitely did not disappoint, pulling off a somewhat reverse OCV to level it back before going down to DM. Xian's Gen. 

Whispers of "If Jon win..." started ringing around the area. What many thought would have been impossible... The under of underdogs... Me, to beat Xian to take us back to the Grand Finals... What are the odds... 1:100 some might feel... I definitely think not, Xian's a great player, but it's not as though I would sit there and just let him hand me my sorry ass personally. I know this matchup, I have studied it well. I can do this.

Round one, footsie-centric, spinning kicks, pokes here and there. Xian getting in big damage with his combos. With a quarter of the time remaining, down to about a quarter of my life, Xian still with about half, I get a lucky EX Kazegiri to get Xian off my back, and on to the ground. I dash up, went for a Frame Trap, it connects, links into Neckbreaker for the Untechable knockdown. Buffers my B.Mp, into the 50/50 mixup, Xian blocks, 2 crouching lights into the throw, Xian doesn't tech. Xian with only a pixel of HP left, I, barely breathing, magic pixels, walks back, sets up my Kunai with a short jump, Xian sees it, mashes the Ultra, it connects, Xian takes round 1, Teamchemist and everyone watching opens their mouth and never found a reason to close it back. I went on to lose the second round, perfect. Teamchemist claims third spot.

Many hours later, while we were analyzing our performances and downfall, we came to the conclusion that, we were quite possibly fed Cyanide. Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not ever, under any circumstance, eat at Parklane's Kopi & Tea Cafe.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Come On Everybody Feel The Power, You Can Feel The Steam, It's Teamchemist!

This Saturday, 28th April, the dream team is reunited, the original 2012 lineup... Teamchemist!


Led by none other then Mr. IRS, the Human Centipede, Sean Koe Ju Jin, strongest and most feared by animals in the kingdom. He is able to strangle snakes 10 times his size. Always talks as if he knows and is affectionately called by his fellow Teamchemist peers as, "Retard",

The second in command obviously is, Clinton Hu Wen Yang who is for girls. The one and only Reset King, 100%, Liu Zi Feng, McD. Cardio Umehara. The man with biceps comparable to the size of 3 packets of Nasi Lemak, stacked up. Ladies love his style so much, that once when he was streaking in the arcades (An everyday thing.), 3 girls gathered to watch him play. Unable to resist his sex anymore, one of them walked up to tell him, "Hey you drop your lighter." when in fact, Clinton's lighter was in his pocket the whole time. SHINNING WIZARD.

Next up in the dream team, it's the Stacy Kiebler for men, Bran Chua Hsien Ti, the not-so-fat Bran, the Ah Legs, the FBT bringing sexy back. An integral part of Teamchemist, the spinal cord that holds the team together and the ever sound advisor of the gang. Loves his dog, Coco, and being a monk.

And the rookie of the year goes to... Jeremy Lim Da Feng IS THAT YOU. The good chinese boy turn Matrep and currently under Medaki support. Has a huge fetish for Akuma and plays exclusively Akuma. Will become very agitated when people make fun of Akuma. Aspires to grow up really tan, and angry, just like Akuma.

Last but not least, there's myself, The Vice Capt. , the Natural, the WD40 Kongster, Jonathan Lim Chee Kien the louder than bombs arguably and most controversially the best emceesquared in the universe, who likes supporting his fellow Teamchemist peers with pictures of his shit when taking a piss. A vulgar and angry man by persona, who strongly believes, he completes this team.

So this it... You can feel the steam, it's Teamchemist.

And please do not forget the Grandmasterchemist, Enchemist look who's laming the game NOWWwwWWwW~


The latest on the Teamchemist front, sexy monk Brandon Chua Hsien Ti is unable to make it due to his revolting passion to attend wedding dinners. In his stride, we could not have found a more appropriate replacement killer in the name of the Funan Digital Life Champion 2008, Rchan, Saga Man.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Livin' on a Kikoken - Theme Song for Tommy

Originally featured as the theme song for Paul (VintageSoul), the lyrics have been rework to the main character of this song, Tommy, arguably Singapore's best Chun-Li player.

Tommy likes to turtle whole game
Working on his heavy punch, he brings home the pain
For the win, mmm, for the win

He says we've got to hold on a life lead
It doesn't make a difference if we attack or not
We got EX bars and that's a lot
For the win, we'll give it a poh!

Oh, we're half blood there
Oh oh, livin' on a Kikoken
Chase life lead, his opponent alway swears
Oh oh, livin' on a Kikoken

Tommy always running away
When he goes home at night, Tommy whispers
"JASPER IT'S OK, 载我回!"

We gotta hold on to our life lead
It doesn't make a difference if we attack or not
We got EX bars and that's a lot
For the win, we'll give it a poh!

Oh, we're half blood there
Oh oh, livin' on a Kikoken
Chase life lead, his opponent alway swears
Oh oh, livin' on a Kikoken
Livin' on a KIKOKEN!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Fifteen Minutes of Fame

When I was young, I dreamt about working in a game center, or a shop, where I could be surrounded by games all the time and playing them from morning to night. I think about how wonderful it would be to work for any one of my favourite game companies like Nintendo, Capcom or even SNK... Watching my favourite games like Rockman, Street Fighter and King of Fighters develop from scratch to end, being amongst the first, to try them out. Yes it would have been nice. Until one day, I turned 25, and was actually given the opportunity to take a step into this possibility of a career in the game industry, even working for one of the biggest publishers, never mind that I went in that to keep the cleaning lady company, nonetheless, awaken to the filth and monotony of things, that at the end of the day, it is still a job, a job surrounded by shrewd, spineless and pretentious human beings. my dreams were crushed. Kids really should not be allowed to grow up.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Excerpts from the Memory Bank - The First Man

I was the man.

I was the man of many firsts.

I was the first of flowers on parade.

I was the first of dreams come true

And a myriad of other dreams, coming through.

And then in love,

I was the first in line.

I was the first to go quietly.

I was the first of many such men.

I was the man.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Episode 13 - ありません

Serene days ensured, we carried on our peaceful lives, returning to the way it was, and today, was no exception... Was what we were led to believe.

With the sun beaming on the backs of the surviving members of the now infamous Class C, so did the smiles. 

But what greeted us upon arrival, froze us still with despair. When we had thought, we were absolutely sure we had sent the dead back to death, he appeared, at his desk, with his books and pens out, calm and collected. The rest of the class too, sat as though, nothing had happened. Sensei showed no signs of uneasiness, acknowledging him like he had been there, since day one. 

What we found to be even more disturbing, was the fact that the class attendance had now been leveled... Half of Class C was missing... And could possibly never return... Gruesomely murdered, in the most accidental of ways... Was what we feared.

What did we do wrong? Have we not solved the mystery of the phenomenon? Did we not stopped the calamity? And why are we the only ones who remembered?



Head of Counter-Measures

Class C

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Episode 12 - 死者

Today, I breathe a sign of relief, for the calamity of Class C has finally ended. We somehow managed to send the dead back to death. Unfortunately, the calamity claimed the lives of 2 fellow classmates. Another was smart enough to leave town for the duration of the phenomenon and she has now made it back safely alive. We pray the good fortune will continue to bless the class for the remainder of the semester.



Head of Counter-Measures

Class C

Friday, April 6, 2012

Team Xialan on OCFTW - Featuring The Shen Siong Brothers, Raymus and Jovian

OCFTW: The April Fool's Edition Featuring Shen Yuan, Shen Chan and TXL. Jonda

What's so foolish about April anyway?

Last week on OCFTW, if you don't already know, it is the local FG stream run by Joe Bakashi with the occasional Rubed0 assist, that provides a platform for FG friends and lovers to showcase their skills, play a set and have their matches broadcast on the web... Coming back to it, I got together with 2 friends from the scene, arguably THE strongest Soul Calibur players here in Singapore and possibly the world, Raymus aka Shen Yuan aka the bit founder of Round1.sg aka the Wuzzyman Doomy and his good friend, THE reigning SC5 champion of Singapore, Jovian aka Shen Chan aka MimiJojo.

Shen Yuan (Claw) vs Shen Chan (Dudley) FT_5 with TXL. Jonda on commentary

It was nice hanging out with them on stream, playing a few FT_5s back to back, footsie-centric and mid-screen madness, where your defense has to be absolutely top notch and throw breaks count for $100 a tech, absolutely nostalgic... Absolutely enjoyed it. Good, quality Street Fighter, the taste of the sweetest vanilla.

Closing notes!

Shoutouts to Joe Bakashi again for hosting us, and to Raymus and Jovian for taking time off from their busy Soul schedule to do this show with me. I wish them all the best at EVO 2012 this year.

With ♥,
Vice Capt.


- Find Joe Bakashi and OCFTW on his Facebook Group for all the latest updates and show times here. Remember Joe is giving away a copy of Diablo III, all you gotta do is design a brand new OCFTW logo for him. Get to work now.

- Get in touch with the Singapore Soul Calibur team here.

- In this episode, I make constant reference to Raymus's thesis on the mid-range game and defense and you can read up about his theories and thoughts on this Round1.sg forum thread. Even the thread replies provided by various notable members of the scene are equally informative.

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Fourteen Words

I believe there is nothing left to prove,
when you have already proven yourself.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Excerpts from Time Traveling - Operation 2 - Café Life

The scenic café life. Somebody’s here to open the store, somebody’s here to buy us lunch. Somebody’s here to lend a hand, during these nightly rush hours. A bizarre coming together of individuals, banding together for a common goal. Then after, to each his own, we came and then we're gone. Sat atop the mini fridge in the kitchen out back, for what seemed like 5 minutes, were years... going by. The other girls and boys who came and went, watched the many strange people, smile over classless food. They say service wasn’t all that great here, i say unto you, service isn’t all that great anywhere... And now it's gone... The coming together of bizarre individuals, banding together for a singular cause, coming and going to each his own, there and ever after, nobody said to keep in touch, the some who did, probably never meant it, but the memories were great, and that’s good enough for me.

Excerpts from the Memory Bank - Mandatory Imagery

I imagine seeing her again. Magically appearing at my workplace, saving me from mandatory services, with that smile of hers. I’d say,

“What are you here for?”

And she'd look at me so eagerly, wondering the exact same thing, yet unable to speak.

I imagine this to be true and I’d imagine it so hard to make it true.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vise Vords from the Vice Capt. - Thirteen Steps


Today, I waved goodbye to classes past, present and future, with a tear in my eye as lovely boys and girls applauded and bid me adieu. Saddened by our untimely end, the memories as early as June Holiday Harvest to The Big Green Help, up all the way to Cubism, I'll keep, attached and close to my heart, forever and ever. I hope that I may one day come back, to inspire a new generation of children, because education is limitless, an endless eight, and I still have so much more to pass on.

With ♥,
Vice Capt.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tournament Aftermath and Thoughts - Of Frauds, Balls and a Whole Lot of Other Fun Stuff.

"Handsome fighters never lose battles."
This entry is dedicated to Raymus, the best Claw player in Singapore.

We played an arcade tournament today, a major, first of the year, and first since... A good 6 to 8 months ago.

I took my first match against a Chun Li player from Malaysia, 2-0, moving on to face Leslie, Canada Cup 2011 1v1 1st Runner-Up, in the next bracket.

I wish every tournament game I played was like that first round against Leslie where I was thinking faster, reacting faster and clutching it out... But unfortunately, I'm not a top player because top players do jaw-dropping magic rounds like that... Throughout the entire tournament, every single match, all of the time.

In my all honest opinion, Xian, Leslie and Gackt are playing on a whole different level here in Singapore. But I always add, that just below them, there are at least 20 really talented players, just threatening to topple them at anytime.

But where are these really talented 20+ players, giving the 3 of them a run for their money, week in week out? That I do not know... You probably should give them a call.

I think Dixon and Shogoku were the MVPs of the tournament. Dixon has not played competitively since... Yet coming back like he had never left, and showed that he had in fact, gotten better. I was thoroughly impressed. 

I'll put it out there now, not like it's a big deal, but I don't see myself playing tournaments on console anymore, no matter how big the prize or stage is. Playing this arcade tournament today, reinforced that opinion.

Because I could feel the tournament pressure in the arcade setting, I was getting buzzed. The desire to win, to perform, comes to me like a rush of blood to the head. I was making better decisions, quicker decisions with sheer precision, my eyes were looking out for more things all over the screen, yet my reactions were keeping up, point for point, and there were times where I sat down and... basically... Just, it felt like, OK the time is now, to mauled my opponent... A natural air of confidence, to know that you're taking on someone on a cabinet that's probably the best in the world, Viewlix, (Not having to worry if the monitor's going to be lagging, or things like PS3 timing or Xbox timing, sticks etc...) even when you lose, you find yourself, blaming yourself, for everything that you could have done but didn't.

All of which, I've never experienced in a console tournament before, since playing competitively, back in '09.

If you want to play this game, then take it seriously, respect the competition, respect the game and respect the players. Until you're proven, I don't see why you should be paying $10 registration fees for a major and coming in there throwing 5 Uppercuts for nothing just because you can't block a string of normals thats not even causing you chip (Damage). In return, your opponent deals you a 200-300 plus damage combo on your way down. Can you take?

Tournament fees are expensive because they help finance the event and provide some form of a stake for you as you play. I would like to see you still throwing those 5 random Uppercuts if fees were $120 for a single elimination tournament.

The reason why I'm talking about this is... I've organized numerous tournaments from the '09 era all the way up till the end of 2011, some of which single-handedly, some of which with other renowned key figures in the FG scene, not just for the Street Fighter 4 game, but various... We sat through hours upon hours upon days upon weeks of brackets, from exclusive 16-Man invitationals to 5-Man team tournaments x 16 teams to 1v1s 64-Man brackets... Watched the beginner of the beginner come from that to being arguably the best Bison player here in Singapore, watched countless finals played between Xian, Leslie, Gackt and Ganguro, each and every time proving a notch better than the previous finals... And what I can say is different about then and now? Back then, we had the hunger for success and the willingness to learn and better ourselves at the game.

We could play from morning till night, stopping for meals and tea, analyzing our games, then going back in to work on it. Even when the arcades were closed by midnight, we could sit at coffee shops and talk about the game, sharing knowledge, for hours, then going back the next day, to work on it. If we played badly in a tournament, two days later, we would find ourselves, back in the arcade, working on the areas that caused our downfall, gearing up for the next tournament.

The people from then, are still the same contenders now, the same players are still fighting the same players for the top spot. The newer players however, from what I observed, have shown no desire to win whatsoever, or even leave a mark. As they sit, they don't even look like they could make you sweat. And when they drop combos, make a bad call, lose the game, they could laugh and smile about it. "It's just a game." - the amount of times I've heard this... 

If you have the will to compete, and you want to become a serious, tournament player, not just the guy who signs in to PSN and scrubs his way out of games with cheap tactics, it's not difficult at all and practically achievable by everyone. 

Koji has made so much progress since starting out in his first tournament back in 2010. He trains hard, puts in long hours, does his research on frames and setups and hitboxes, asks the opinion of senior players to improve his game and takes it in diligently. It has paid off for him, he played a good tournament yesterday and even managed to finish somewhere in the Top 16 at least.

On a closing note, I would like to say that I've forgiven Raymus for stealing all the players and bringing them to play SC5 and betraying Street Fighter, for he said nice things about me on stream yesterday... Actually come to think of it, whenever he did get a chance to speak on stream during my games, he always says nice things about me. He is a good man.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Excerpts from Time Traveling - Operation 1 - Ice Cream

Today, at about 10.30PM, I stopped by the ice cream shop around my workplace, hoping to get some Cookies N’ Cream. To my surprise, most of the flavours had already been kept in the chiller, and I was left in uncharted territory, between good ol' Vanilla and exotic Mango. i was greeted rather enthusiastically,


Said the ice cream girl, friendlily.

(She reminded me of someone from across the street.) 

Startled somewhat by her ardent demeanor, I ordered a Mango gelato after much deliberation. As she proceeded with my order, I began to feel bad for not reciprocating her eagerness in a way she might have preferred, I decided to start a conversation.

“What time do you usually pack up?”

Her eyes were cemented to the scooper. Mine? They weren’t even focused.

“Erm… Usually at 10.30?”
(Scoops away...)

“But I came up at 10.30, and everything was kept already!”

I said in a tone that tells of amateurish seduction.

 With her eyes still glued to the task at hand... She replied,

“Next time you come by in the morning and tell me what you would like... Then I won’t keep that particular flavour away at night.”

What did you just say.

“Wow, you mean I can reserve? That’s cool!”

She laughed as we walked towards the cashier station. I paid for my ice cream and left, staring at my small little cup, exploding from side to side, top to bottom, with a mountain of Mango gelato. Ice cream girl, you made my day.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dear Clinton,


Dear Clinton,

Even though we don't get to see each other much these days, or sleep in each other's beds, spending the night playing "First to 10s", and waking up in the morning to workout together, I just wanted you to know, that I cherish and miss the times that we spent, unemployed, working for A'nuberak, giving Mastercard "things" to town and beyond, camwhoring amidst selling Apple computers at I.T Shows and of course, sharing our favourite drink from Gong Cha, the Lemon Kamquet.

So even though we may have different views on Street Fighter X Tekken, remember that, I will always be your Natural, and you will always be my Liu Zi Feng.

With ♥,



I pee like a laser beam

Untying my rain boots, I wonder
Could you use the red from wounds,
to pain a rainbow?

Just then, she walked over with two umbrellas hand in hand.
She said,
"This one is for you, open it up and put it over your head."
I said,
"Why? Aren't we going to share?"
She said,
"No. I'm going to impale you from the chin up and you're suppose to shelter the sky from raining blood."

I am a patient man but I hate to wait.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Game Review - Street Fighter X Tekken a.k.a FU★K SFxT

"For Ono-san, the day SFxT was launched, was the greatest day of his life. But for me? It was Tuesday."

Today, I got my hands on the highly anticipated, Street Fighter X Tekken (SFxT) game, that combines 2 of the biggest franchises in Fighting Games in a crossover series much like Marvel vs Capcom (MVC) and Capcom vs SNK (CVS). I played it for a good 3 hours, trying characters like Poison, Juri and Rufus, but ultimately worked more on my original team of Bob and Sagat (America's Funniest Home Videos). At the end of the session, I thought to myself...

"This is one of the worst games, not just Fighting Games, but games in general, I've ever played."

I'll be fair, I'll tell you what I thought was good. I think the large character roster and seeing the iconic Tekken characters rendered in the Street Fighter engine is a very nice sight. Updating old favourites like Hugo and Rolento and introducing Poison to the new graphics was very generous, it would make any fan of the Street Fighter series smile from ear to ear.

As a game itself... Or rather as a competitive Fighting Game, a game that's gonna be loaded with top prize money and big name players, a serious, competitive Fighting Game... Don't waste my time.

The name of the game, Footsies.

Vanilla Street Fighter 4 (SF4) was the first Fighting Game I played, seriously and on a competitive level. Through months of hard work learning the game, often with the advice of fellow players from the scene, joining numerous local tournaments looking to improve myself somewhat, I've come to a conclusion as to what (I think) Vanilla SF4 is about and what it has taught me.

I've been trained to protect the space in front of me. To protect it with the tools that I'm given, my 3 punches and 3 kicks and my Special Moves. Knowing the range, speed and recovery of these moves helps to keep my spacings between me and my opponent as to what is "safe" and what is not. I've been trained not to jump, as a means to start an offense, or just purely out of randomness, for not just at high level, even a mid-tier average player has decent enough reactions to Anti-Air you consistently in a match. I've been trained to tech throws and have strong throw gameplay as it leads to the more advance scenarios like Frame Traps and Option Selects. Throwing in SF4 is at least 1/3 of the game. If a opponent blocks, you throw him, it's as simple as that. If he jumps, you Anti-Air him. The lesser his options for movement, the higher your chances of winning the match.

Risk and reward, action and reaction, cause and effect.


All that was changed at the start of Super Street Fighter 4 (SSF4), an updated version of Vanilla, which introduce characters from the Alpha and Third Strike series. These characters all came loaded with tools that allowed for better rushdown, mix-ups and setups. The game was still ok then. When Arcade Edition (AE) was released, Yun, Yang and Fei Long took the entire game, shined up all my fundamentals real nice and shove it up my candy ass. Hong Kong Fighter 4 disregarded the mid-screen game with their infinite ability to break that space with Dive Kicks, Lunge Punches and Chicken Wings. AE Ver. 2012, Seth... End of days. Vanilla Street Fighter as we know it has now been reduced to nothing more than a guessing game.

Playing SFxT for the first time, I was looking forward to see what the game can do in terms of combos and crossover attacks. 5 games in, 1 Rolento, my mind was fucked.

I now think, Fei Long's Rekkas are actually ok, they are punishable, with good reactions and knowledge of frames, you can punish even the first hit of Rekka.

How to punish Rekka? - Unanswered, Since 2008!

Unlike Rolento, who can go for all 3 hits and it's virtually unpunishable, on block, does chip damage as well. He has superior aerial and ground pokes, some providing multiple hits, wall dives and overheads, a crouching light punch far better than Fei Long's (How is this even possible) and a crouching medium kick that links into Ultra and other combos.

In this game, everyone jumps for free, there is no reliable Anti-Air, not even in Sagat's Tiger Uppercut. I can see Rolento jumping on me, turn a Heavy Tiger Uppercut and watch my Sagat fly up into the sky like Superman, Rolento whiffs his attack and lands behind me waiting for punish.

Throwing in this game is useless. Throw range is shorter than an average person's dick. There are no tick-throw setups because spamming light attacks come out faster than cum.

In this game, everyone backdashes for free, or maybe half the price, there are no Option Selects to catch backdashes, or maybe I'm not skilled enough to find them in 3 hours.

The attacks recover so fast, mashing Uppercuts in between block strings? That's suicide.

What is Pandora Mode?

In AE, Seth was considered a rubbish because he had so many mix-ups that even 4 year olds can do, a superior Uppercut and a Spinning Piledriver (SPD)... that's bad right? I have to guess where to block, I have to block correctly, can't backdash because of the Tandem Engine, can't keep blocking too or he might come in for a SPD... But ok, his health is what... 800? I can take him out if I make a few good guesses and punish heavily, happens maybe 1 out of 10 times...

In SFxT, Zangief is build like a tank, has a Lariat for Anti-Air, the SPD is his trademark move, a Target Combo(s) and EX Green Hand to chase down backdash. Maybe Seth is quite balanced after all.

Law from Tekken? He comes with Fei Long's jumping heavy kick, the exact same animation, the perfect Air-to-Air attack... And because this is SFxT, you can just keep jumping! Neutral, front or back... You choose! Moves on block that are unpunishable too, and if hit, lead to big follow-ups. Fuck off!

Hugo can slap you 3 times and you'll be at half HP. What the fuck is there is a safe jump after his SPD, and you don't even need to buffer anything, just hold your joystick up forward!

"A,B,C Easy as 1,2,3!"

Every character has a Target Combo, just press A, B, C, that leads to a tag from your partner and even more combo opportunities. Which is enough to win you your matches. You don't even need Fireballs or Messiah Kicks.

When you put it all together, there is really no need for Yomi (Mind Games) in SFxT.

I see where the trend is going, I see what Capcom is trying to do. They are making their games "Beginner" friendly and appealing to ALL gamers, not just the hardcore competitive Fighting Gamers, the introduction of this "Target Combo Tag" thing, is prove of the matter already. It makes perfect sense for someone who has bad execution but really wants to play Cammy... Or Megaman for that matter, ANYONE! YOU CAN PLAY ANYONE AND IT'S THE SAME!

Poison - Just about the only thing I can find joy in.

I really can't seem to take this game seriously.

Take my word for it, anybody can play and be good at SFxT. You can buy this game as a Christmas present for your friends and family and don't be surprise when they become better than you at it with only an hour of practise.