Friday, April 15, 2011

The End of a Dream for Return of the Juri

50000 miles back and straight into the Loser's Brackets. Veterans like Giants all the way to Loser's Semi-Finals. we could have taken it all the way... alas, Tougeki is ours.

Food Xialan Episode 4: Spaghetti Arabbiatta with CHICKEN CHOP

Please note that I stole this picture off google because I was too dog to take a photo of my food before eating.

This evening I soloed the Bugis foodcourt because I've been dreaming about eating pasta for like a month now and I was starving and I remembered there actually -was- some pasta stall in the foodcourt three floors above TKA.

I asked Vxthedog if the food there was nice but he was too busy raiding or tilting at his raid to reply me. I asked my colleague if the food there was nice and he said the cai peng there cost $8 a plate.

BUT I WAS UNDAUNTED. I wanted to eat pasta and so I went. Never mind that they fried all their spaghetti and fettucine and etc over high heat and didn't have any sides that weren't fried (I've been coughing like a dog for two weeks now).

The moment I ate that first forkful I felt like I had gone back in time to my poly days.

I hated Temasek Poly like I've never hated anything before. Just looking at the school made me want to make like a Ghost and nuke it. The only thing I treasured about school was the 2nd floor of the canteen in the Mensa building. I used to solo early lunch hours there eating the Western food. It would be quiet, and the 20minute-long queue would be nonexistent, and nobody would disturb me while I ate their epic spaghetti arabbiatta and drank their to-die-for mushroom soup.

The spaghetti arabbiatta today from the Bugis food court was the closest I've ever come to the taste of the spaghetti arabbiatta from TP. I want to eat it :(

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Xialan Fairytale

Once upon a time, Team Xialan only had two members - Vx and Jonda. This is the story of how XL grew from two to three ! If you cbf to read everything scroll down for the tl;dr version ^_^

Once upon a time, Jon and Vx were at an event called SGF 2010. Jon was meticulously pasting pink masking tape on the floor for the Project RAMPAGE booth. Vx was I don't know what Vx was doing. And then a girl in a black dress walked past.

Jon saw her. Vx saw her. Jon stops whatever he is doing that will later cause a lot of grief for certain members of a certain organising exco.

"That girl wants to have sex with me," he said.

But Vx said, "erhhhh! Black dress only. Confirm single digit IQ."

That was Day 1.

On Day 2, the event extended into some batshit crazy 72 or god knows how long marathon with free play on the computers.

The girl was wearing a priest shirt.

Jon still said, "that girl wants to have sex with me."

And Vx said, "maybe she wearing to pretend?"

But then of course, later that night, AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT, the girl logged into her WoW account and started playing a lvl 1 trollolololol.

And then Vx, mic in hand, had to go over and trollolololol her also. And then the girl started to think, "wah, this guy wants to have sex with me."

Her suspicions were later confirmed when Vx ambushed her outside the event venue to walk her out to the road and flag a cab for her. Then he xialanly tried to give her his number. OR WAS THIS ON THE 3RD NIGHT? I don't remember. But she told him she wouldn't remember it and left. Somewhere during one of these nights that blurred into days that blurred into nights because the event was so long, Vx also xialanly added the girl on Facebook without first introducing himself IN REAL LIFE so the girl had no idea who he was. Anyway.

ON THE 3RD DAY, this happened.

Jon: "Mary-Anne wants to have sex with me."

Vx: "Mary-Anne wants to have sex with me."

Just then, a wild Ljnel appeared! and forlornly said,

Ljnel: "But I saw her first :("

Vx and Jon summoned their Pokemon and defeated the wild Ljnel so that they could go on in pursuit of the girl/Mary-Anne/Miss Fors!

On the 4th day, Vx and Jon put on their handsome suits to impress two people. Mary-Anne and the guest of honour for the closing ceremony. Vx even brought his HAIR DRYER down to the event. The moment he saw Mary-Anne that morning he transformed and rolled out in his handsome suit but failed to get her notice. She said hi and walked right by him.

Vx sat there saddingly.

But that was still ok! they don't mind or think about it. The dynamic duo also known as Team Xialan had other tricks up their sleeves! After two hours plus of planning it was decided that they would ambush Mary-Anne for a photo.

Vx came in from the left, Jon came in from behind, and they snapped the famous photo that would later grace the Team Xialan blog! (that you are now reading)

Then Vx wanted ANOTHER photo for what fuck reason I do not know, maybe because he felt he looked ugly in the first one but anyway they ambushed Mary-Anne for a second time, for a photo of just Vx and her and a plate of cheapo buffet food, and that was really what sealed the deal.

1) A wild Ljnel did not get Miss Fors.

2) Team Xialan decided to attempt Operation PEIQIN #2 and recruited Miss Fors.

3) Everybody and their dog in the arcade scene thought Vx and Miss Fors were a couple. Vx managed to give Miss Fors his namecard (that she later lost) and then sneakily took her MSN from her Facebook and the rest they say, is history.

Anyway tl;dr, here is the condensed version.




A Moment In Time

time-traveling is an endless concept that has been explored by the active mind since the beginning of days. the question of how one single altered event could rearrange the course of history, or if it'll still flow seemingly, goes unanswered. no matter how many times you watch a movie about time-traveling, you go back to the start for there's something that's a miss, and even though you get to the end, you still can't figure it out. things you could do with time, prevention, avoidance, change, That space in time that'll never end, the past, you feed, like a cancer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Food Xialan Episode 3: Hello Kitty Duck Rice

this one's long overdue.

the coffee shop just opposite of Iluma houses the best Roast Duck and Char Siew in ALL of Bugis.

if there's one word you should always use to describe meat, that would be "succulent". and this Roast Duck + Char Siew combo is the epitome of that very word.

a plate sets you back at only $3, add $2 for a bowl of homemade soup of the higgest order, the meal can't get any cheaper than this.

the Street Fighter guys would sometimes make the walk across the island just to taste this holy plate of Duck Rice, but beware, the queue for it is comparable to Chinese New Year Hello Kitty at MacDonalds.

come visit this coffee shop that stars a bunch of unique coffee shop people. a china lady who wants to have sex with me. a china girl who wants to have sex with Vx but pretends to not understand what is 冰. 冰 YOU KNOW. and also, the uncle i scold every single time i dine there.