Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Haters Gonna Hate

This was originally a response to the thread on round1, but Sam very sneakily locked it just as i was about to post it. All i can say is.... Tekken players always like that one. I encourage everyone to go read carzy and sam's original posts, which have some very valid and solid insights. This is merely my response.

Mrmm Mrmm. Good points made by carzy and sam, will definitely take into consideration. However, a few points to note.

Technical Commentary was given, up on the main stage during the top 8. The things people were complaining about took place during either the early qualifiers, or the for fun team event / casuals. Technical Commentary is also only feasible when there's a crowd of new people / bystanders around, such as during the finals. For the most part of the three days, the only people sitting around our booth watching were our own players and there's only a certain number of times you can explain a focus attack or option select to someone who does it on a daily basis before they tell you to shut your mouth.

And while the objectives Carzy has raised (Raising the competitive level/Create awareness/Bond building) are all noble and worthy causes, i think some misunderstanding has occurred here. To put it bluntly, these are NOT my objectives when i show up for a tournament. I do not claim to speak for PR or Team XL on this, but my personal goal at every event has always been to make sure the players have a good time, and walk away with new fond memories of time spent with their friends not 'bugis players'. A goal which i believe we've achieved time and time again.

While i fully agree with the sentiment that not everyone likes our colloquial style of conversation and trash talking (nor should they blindly do so!) once again the first and foremost concern for me is that we're enjoying ourselves and having fun. So again with reference to my own objectives stated above, i have to say that changing the way we speak to create an artificially 'safe' environment with which to potentially attract new players smacks of hypocrisy to self.

Again, this is strictly my personal perspective, and as always nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. If Team XL / PR or whoever else decides to host a tournament/series/cup/whatever and asks for my help, i'll either toe the party line or decline. Do note that this isn't an attack on anyone's personal values, just an expression of my own.

Monday, November 29, 2010


shoutouts to Mary-Anne


the Singapore GameFEST is finally over.

Team Xialan was there educating (and for some, re-educating) the various gamers in Singapore from their various gaming genres, life counseling subjects like race diversity for sports in Singapore (football and basketball in question), the dressing room and docking...

we are proud of the fact that we got all you guys pumped and hyped over games your mother told you never to play, under the influence of Pitbull. like i said, an hour ago, you were probably at the Singapore GameFEST, but right now, you're at the HOTEL MOTEL HOLIDAY INN.

Team Xialan also expanded their already very diverse repertoire, Vx would have given you Taiko commentary, if his mic wasn't cut off for the 23948259286928629689626th time, lucky for me, Ore no Jonda-sama, on Day 3, i blew it up with the Jubeat guys... they loved it, i loved it as well.

this is for you, Jubeat.

and of cause, the GOH, she was blown up too.

we've got some shoutouts we want to give... the Dragonica girls with the mascots, we're glad we could do you girls a favour by getting more people to have their photos taken (it pays to be cute). shoutouts to Special Forces with the wonderful free t-shirts and light pens, really cool stuff... shoutouts to Kim from PMS* Asterisk, tolerating and playing along with our bullshit time after time. Abang DJ, shoutouts to you! for putting on that HOTEL MOTEL HOLIDAY INN upon request. shoutouts to the tiny but enthusiastic boys and girls from the Jubeat/Taiko community... shoutouts to E.Tan and Daw, the Adonis-like men from Project RAMPAGE and all our good, good friends in the Street Fighter community for coming down, playing their hearts out, and giving us a reason to blow things up.

and talking about the Street Fighter community... very good, you've successfully turned Day 2 of the Singapore GameFEST into an OktoberFEST.

we'll leave you now with one last thought, to always remember that Florence lied, when she said the dog days were over.

Dear Diary,

This weekend, many Joels interfered with my microphone and made me tilt. Also, many women wanted to have sex with me and Jon.

I am disappoint, yet somewhat joyful.

Good Night.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Street Fighter Application For Everyday Life Lesson 1: Keng (The Act of Self-Sick, Not the PC God)

By: Rchan and Ore no Jonda-sama

the 3 golden rules in Street Fighter as spoken by Grandmaster Gouki user, Momochi and also SBO Champion.

Footsies - Set Plays - Plinking

as applied in everyday life. (subject: Keng)

Footsies - spacing and timing of the Keng so as to create a more realistic relapse of medical problems.

Set Plays - mixing up your Keng so as to leave your Doctor in a 50/50 state of mind.

Plinking - Efficiency in Keng execution.

Friday, November 19, 2010

You Only Have To Stop, Bub.

we were making love on the paisley beach with the skies falling haze like a blanket. i could think of a million places to visit, a hundred and one things to eat after sex, and this whole time i had my hands on your breasts, i thought, i stopped, i thought for moving on, this is the price you get. arm in arm, legs crossed, the body leaves the sex, the love is elsewhere. on this same paisley beach, we felt a joy no orgasm could ever achieve. the loving words you spoke, my hand you held and longed to hold. my greatest fear is that you'll never be replaced, when everything reminds me of her, i need you to love me back.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Diary, again.

Yesterday i was pretending on the internet minding my own business, when a wild Vx appeared on MSN and made me tilt, again. because of Christmas and NTUC.

I am disappoint.

Good Night.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today i was walking around minding my own business, when a joel appeared and made me tilt, again.

I am disappoint.

Good Night.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Team Xialan Commentary Comeback Tour - November

you are not going to want to miss a single second with arshshshshsh Vx and the Vice Capt, Ore no Jonda-sama for the month of November. Team Xialan's got the lights like fucking dynamite. here's where you may find us.

13.11.2010 (Suntec City) -
Anime Festival Asia X with our friends from Rebel2
14.11.2010 (Suntec City) -
Anime Festival Asia X Day 2 still with out friends from Rebel2

26.11.2010 (*SCAPE) -
Singapore Game Fest Day 1 with our bangs from Project RAMPAGE
27.11.2010 (*SCAPE) -
Singapore Game Fest Day 2 still with our bangs from Project RAMPAGE
28.11.2010 (*SCAPE) -
EPIC e-Sports Convention with the same Adonis-like men from Project RAMPAGE

and you know where we'll be every other random day, running and bashing into her.

good night.

Friday, November 5, 2010

you only get one chance to stand on a platform made of rocks, with a beer in one hand, and a declaration in the other

i was a common man with a white collar and a red bow-tie, minding my own business in the caravan with a inch of salt on my back and a slab around my neck. i had wanted to there, the dessert, in search of camels, the animal, not the cigarette, to be led to a oasis, a fountain of youth, to refine my pass glories. i could have sworn i would make it back on time. but what do i have. i quit my day job as Aladdin, only to find Onyx has left his Pokeball, so you think you're some punk now la. i go to work, with my briefcase full of cash. give a minion a king's task, and i handled it with so much care. i made pigeons look like the modern day chinchilla, i was so good with what i have done. i quit my day job as a factory man, who work in a world of wild animals. offering them a home and a ring to jump over, a servitude. never once had i asked for a token, a form of gratitude, i don't even care, i just do it. i quit my day job to become a zookeeper, with monkeys as my specialty. although these days, i can't be too sure anymore. maybe i'm more adapt at rearing monkeys, but somedays, i feel like they're becoming morons. i have created a pent for monkeys to exist. to work and to play. and say thanks jon, here's a stick up your ass, you've been a great pal. i quit my day job to stomach alcohol in exchange for sleep. i wish i was back outside that bicycle shop, concussed and clueless. breathing fire down my own neck and driving poor girls to wash up after me. as i wake and go, wash up after other people's shit. i had quit my day job, to become a zookeeper, taking care of rats and monkeys who feed and spread diseases. i had cease to exist, been utterly erased, still i find no comfort in this bottle of a beast, so sang Dashboard Confessional, whom i so love, in my most dogging of days. things that were relevant 2 years ago, seem so distant now. they put an EX infront of girlfriend, when it made no sense at all. i had quit my day job, to become a zookeeper, entertaining rats and monkeys with a rubber nose and juggling bowling pins. i had build a hole for them to crawl, and put a ring up just so they could jump over. they love it. they love it so much that they walk all over me. i had quit my day job, to become a zookeeper, rearing rats and monkeys alike, so much so that i no longer can tell the difference between the other. i would love to have sex right now, with a monster girl of sorts, there are uses for people like that in the world. they are the deadweight, the punching bag, the potato sack, home with a hole. i think sex could not numb me, nothing ever can. i had quit my day job, to become a zookeeper, taking care of rats and monkeys to a point where i can no longer remember, if i ever was human at all.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gamerbee leh.


Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

i am very happy today.
Vx saw me and he asked me to take off my clothes. then, Ore no Jonda-sama asked me to show him my panties. i am glad :)
good night!

Dear Diary,

i am very happy today, again.
Vx saw me and he asked me to take off my clothes, again. then, Ore no Jonda-sama asked me to show him my panties, again. i am joyful :)
love and good night!

Dear Diary,

i am very sad now.
i went to Bugis and saw Vx asking another girl, to take off her clothes. then, Ore no Jonda-sama asked her to show him her panties.
i thought I'M suppose to take off my clothes and show them my panties. i am disappoint :(
good night.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Avenged Centerfold

Halloween at Iluma with Team Xialan, Rebel2 and the cast from Wah Lian.

shoutouts to Edmund Yeong taking some of the best Team Xialan pictures i've ever seen.